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Where is the lowest price country to setup a service based business for international customers


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Mar 19, 2023
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Happy holiday everyone

I am Canadian living in Hong Kong.

I want to setup a consulting business where my clients are international so it doesn't matter where the company is locates. The company should be able to be tax free as there is no business generated from in the country.

Ideally, easy to setup an EMI account for.
Just do it in Hong Kong. You can incorporate yourself directly with the government or pay an accountant a few hundred or a few thousand HKD to do it. Cheap, fast, and much less headache than bothering with a foreign company. No legal tax savings at the end of the day anyway.

Plenty of good banking options in Hong Kong, and you can approach banks and EMIs/fintechs in Europe, Africa, and other parts of Asia if you want options abroad.
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