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  1. N

    Non Us Freelancer taxation?

    Hello guys, i have read that if you don't have a us legal entity and you make money out of freelanxing sites like upwork/ fiverr those platforms are entitled to retaining 30% of your income for tax purposes. I don't want that shit ... What is the best structure to have as a non-us freelancer if...
  2. S

    Invoicing for myself?

    Hi all, first sorry, but my English is not perfect, because this isn't my main language. (Main: Hungarian) So, I'm a local software key seller, currently I not reported my business in anywhere and do this without a company, so I don't give invoice to my customers. In the future, I want to...
  3. 12point

    I am planning to open individual offshore bank account about Capital Gain Tax.

    Hello, I'm just new here, I am a forex trader and I usually make huge profits but my concern is Capital Gain Tax in Australia. I am currently living in Australia(but I'm not Aussie) and I have a commonwealth bank of Australia account. If I withdraw my profits from the Fx broker account to my...
  4. B

    Money transfer between individuals

    I'm an EEA citizen living in SE Asia. A friend of mine is living in my house in my home town, I have my tax residence there. I pay online all the bills on my own name. He transfers me about 6000 EUR all inclusive every 6 months, we have no contract to avoid taxation. Until now we've been using...
  5. T

    Paysera, Revolut, TransferWise and tax

    Hello, I am EU citizen and I'm starting some affiliate marketing job in order to generate some side income. I have my regular job so I don't want to receive payouts from my side job on my regular bank account because of the taxes. I own Paysera, Revolut and TransferWise accounts and my question...
  6. D

    Strategies for living in the EU near tax-free with low profile

    Thinking about ways of living in the EU with a low profile and getting benefit of the 183 days rule in order to avoid tax residency status. Let's put a concrete example of one possible strategy: Bob is a citizen of a high-tax large EU country (A). He moved to another EU country (B) for job...
  7. icedee

    How to collect forex profits and not have to pay taxes or just a minimum tax?

    I trade forex and I would like to find a legal way to collect profits and pay very little or no taxes. So far I have been thinking about establishing a company in Panama and use 2checkout. It's real. Please advise a working method. Thank you (I am an EU - Czech Republic citizen. In my country...
  8. K

    Does Payoneer reports to OECD ?

    Hello guys, I've been working online for a while now, and things have been good and i've always kept my money on Payoneer / Paypal but i never transfer them to my local bank account, i only withdraw with my master card small amount of money from ATMs. That been said, there is this new...
  9. Kodde

    How to work with freelancers legally and show such transactions as expenses?

    Hello, a have a company that works as a freelance marketplace connecting customers and freelancers. The company registered in Estonia, corporate bank account opened in Paysera. I can successfully accept payments from customers, but how to make payments from Paysera corporate bank account to...
  10. Juoffshore

    Living In Portugal and being a director of UK/Maltese companies

    Hi Everyone, I need some advices for one of my customers who own E-commerce websites. He holds a European passport and got the NHR status in Portugal where he lives. He is a shareholder of a UK company as well as Maltese company. Companies have offices, Staff and enough substance as well...
  11. O

    Belize IBC + St Lucia bank account + residency in the Bahamas

    Hello, I am happy to join this community after so many hours reading the content of this forum. I think I am pretty much ready to start writing the offshore chapter of my business story but I would like to have more experienced people's feedback or point of view in case I have missed anything...
  12. J

    Tax Planning 2019

    Idea is to incorporate a business and of course, optimise the personal income by leveraging global opportunities. What I was thinking of is to have a; - Singapore business for webshop, selling mainly Digital services, this to minimise VAT/GST cost as Revenue below 1m s$ is excluded from VAT/GST...
  13. J

    RAK uae CORP + VISA

    I understand we can get automatically a resident VISA with a RAK corp. However what is not clear to me, in order to avoid to CRS - you surely need a RAK residential address. ie you actually need to buy or rent a residential house?(which you can do as you got a VISA). Is that correct? After...
  14. bluehorseshoe

    Non-UK forming ltd company in UK

    Hi there, I understand a non-UK / non-EU resident can form a company and open a bank account in the UK but I have a few questions that I hope the community here can help me with. To give you an idea, we are looking to use the UK company that we will form, to work with a local payment gateway...
  15. N

    How do they verify tax residency?

    Just curious about this. Does anybody knows how is GOV verify this thing at all? Do they check passport or immigration data?
  16. S

    Dividend tax

    Hello I need to pay 5% dividend tax in country A when I pay myself dividend out of my company. I live in country B. Would I in general need to pay income tax over these dividends in country B?
  17. awareoatmeal

    Tax Planning Malaysian Citizen

    Hi everyone, My current situation is like this: I am a citizen here and own a sole proprietorship in Malaysia doing business (IT) with foreign clients, so profits are remitted from outside Malaysia. I pay tax to the Malaysian equivalent of the IRS, so no problem with this. I also have a...
  18. Dubsize

    U.K Corporate tax for non resident

    Hi All, planning on opening a U.K LTD - what's the corporate tax rate if you're a "non-resident company" ? basically, I'm not a U.K citizen neither a resident. I have a European citizenship Which U.K bank would be keen to open for me both a corporate account and a personal account ? anyone...
  19. K

    Cyprus Tax on Intellectual Property?

    Hey guys, A couple of years ago I was looking into moving my business to Cyprus due to their taxation on IP but during that time they were in the middle of changing how the structure would work so I ended up going to another jurisdiction. However, now when I looked, the new taxation system...
  20. Mr Magoo

    Experiences with Latin America setups

    Hello, Just joined the forum and have done some reading on it. Great info. I would like to know if anyone here had experiences with setting up a company and bank account in latin america, like Uruguay or Guatemala. Are companies from these countries better treated by banks than Belize and...
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