1. G

    Question How to Reduce my Tax Liabilities? Recommended setups

    Hello everyone! I’m currently self-employed with Hungarian citizenship offering remote consulting service. Working long term with a US based partner for ~100k USD per year and also dealing with about 70k USD/yr of crypto that I get paid from an EU partner. These are not large amounts so I...
  2. Martin Everson

    Proposal to scrap Guernsey's zero-10 tax system
  3. M

    Sales tax in US with EU company?

    Im from Hungary. I have an Estonian tech company and we created a new pay per view digital platform. We are in the pre-launch stage. So when users join to our website, they can buy content and after the successful payment they can see the contents. My question: Im Hungarian citizen. I have...
  4. M

    Do i need pay VAT in USA with Estonian company? B2C

    #USA #EU #VAT Hi, I founded a tech company in Estonia. We operating international website where users can buy contents (pictures & videos). If i have company with residence in Estonia (EU) but customer from USA and make a (B2C) purchase on my website, do i have to pay VAT to USA? (Based on...
  5. P

    Belgium tax when offshore?

    If i form a company offshore will i need to pay any tax to belgium? Can't seem to find anything on it, so i would suspect only a 30% dividend tax?
  6. M

    Countries with step-up cost basis

    In stepping up of the cost basis aka acquisition cost of an asset means, for capital gains purposes, the asset's purchase price is valued on the day of a particular action such as moving to the country rather than the true price at the time of the asset purchase in the past. I would like to know...
  7. G

    Living in Georgia but want to operate through non Georgian company - possible?

    Hello, I live in the country of Georgia. They have here great tax benefits for sole trader / individual entrepreneur, but not so much for companies. Also, privacy sucks, and there is no legal protection like an LLC have. Is there some way for me to do all my work through some company ill form...
  8. N

    Any international corporate lawyer for consultation?

    Hello, Any recommendation to a good international corporate lawyer with expertise on company structures, PRIVACY and taxes ? You can see the post in this page as the preview of what I'm looking for and why...
  9. M

    Question Dubai visa with a different citizenship

    I have 2 citizenships, say A and B. I entered Dubai few months ago with an employment visa (hiring myself through a company I formed in one of the free zones) and with citizenship A. Now I'd like to dissolve the company, cancel the employment visa and re-enter Dubai with a freelance visa. The...
  10. K

    Where is that crypto tax heaven?

    Hey, To put it simply, I'm looking for a country where I could move to, to avoid paying crypto taxes or pay small crypto taxes. I hold a European country passport that is in EU. And crypto is my only source of income. I hear the Dubai is best for that, but it looks like to cost of living are...
  11. K

    Cashing out $100,000 from crypto in Dubai make sense?

    I wanted to ask what would be the best solution to cash out crypto worth around $100,000 tax free. I know there is an option to do it in Dubai with @Fred, I just don't know if that would be worth from the financial stand point. I'm from the country in European Union and I travel a lot, and my...
  12. G

    Want to minimise my tax liabilities

    I got a remote job in the US, as a Hungarian citizen what are my tax minimisation options? Probably the best option would be to change residence, but is it worth the effort and initial costs for about 72,000 USD per year from that US company + ~48,000 USD / year from another individual (payed in...
  13. O

    Where to move to avoid the next pandemic's restrictions?

    Hello guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle with myself: I'm expecting that in the upcoming Autumn all previous covid restrictions will return and will be even harder and stricter. Whether it'll be due to new variants, monkey pox, polio, climate change or whatever reasons the WHO and friends will come...
  14. B

    Reselling business

    So I've recently been sourcing used electronics from local marketplaces, hiring someone to fix them up and reselling in bulk to multiple companies. The companies recently sent me a documents saying they cannot accept bigger quantities from private person anymore. What would be best way to accept...
  15. R

    EMI now asking for TIN

    Hello, I have been consistently using an EMI (Lithuania based Walletto / IBANDIRECT) and now they have asked for my TIN. I transfer funds from another IBAN (Globitex) to my Walletto account. I then load a VISA card on Walletto/IBANDIRECT for day-to-day expenses, but now they are saying my KYC...
  16. Z

    Is offshore dead? Small business tax shield advice - UK & Offshore

    Is Offshore dead? I am a UK resident and have a small business that mostly works with US/EU companies. We are talking about relatively modest profits here and I don't pay myself much so most of the profits stay in the company. Given that I don't do much UK business I was looking at ways to...
  17. James Spader

    Vanuatu Taxes Explained – Is It Worth Your Attention?

    You might have heard of Vanuatu in your offshore adventure – it is often rated to be a tax haven with plenty of advantages for foreigners. However, most people have no clue where to locate it on the map, and it makes perfect sense – Vanuatu has become famous only recently. A simple visit to...
  18. P

    Best country to incorporate offshore for Cryptocurrency income for a Thai Resident?

    Hi, My wife is a Thai citizen, and together we live in Thailand. I am looking to incorporate a company offshore in order to pull in my cryptocurrency income (expected about 200k Euros a year. This is from a variety of sources: trading, investing, NFTs etc) to Thailand with no personal income...
  19. James Spader

    Andorra Income Tax Explained – Plus How to Get Residency in Andorra

    Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Until you are into finances or offshore business, you might have heard about it around football qualifiers – it never manages to make it to a final tournament. Other than that, Andorra is a great choice for those who like tranquil tourism...
  20. Martin Everson

    U.S. suspends tax information exchange with Russian authorities

    Can we expect the Europeans to follow? Could we see an end to CRS Reporting with Russia in addition to DTA's suspended...smi(&%? ---- quote start WASHINGTON (Reuters)...