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  1. Admin

    UAE Company Registration

    UAE Company Registration is a great choice when you want to set-up an offshore company in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, offers the Dubai Free Zone Registration. It is a business capital, and setting up a company there can bring you benefits. Here is a breakdown...
  2. lory

    What EMI for UAE / United Arab Emirates company?

    Can you explain to me what EMI will work with a UAE company setup by legal agent? I don't know if Transferwise will accept it, but Leopay don't want it.
  3. blueweb

    Relaible UAE company formation provider?

    I'm following this forum close and read most of the threads about the UAE and the company setup there, I can only find one or two providers of offshore companies in Dubai and the UAE generally. Can you please post links and names to services you have used or know are trusted to setup companies...
  4. K

    Anyone with experience of a UAE FZ company?

    I'm looking to setup a holding/consultancy company in a Free Zone in UAE to own my main business and for me to be able to reduce the effective tax rate of that company by doing the management with the Holding company as a consultancy service. To my question. Has anyone here any experience with...
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