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  1. P

    offshore society with bank of america account?

    Hi, I'm new, I'm from Argentina and I want to create an account in the Bank of America because to receive money from PayPal because in my country it is impossible to receive money from PayPal. the problem is that I can't create a personal account at the bank because I don't have a SSN and I'm...
  2. M

    Business account for US LLC - ecommerce & NRA

    Hi, I've been stuck for almost a month now on this very problem so any help would be very damn much appreciated . SO , basically : I live in EU incorporated a US LLC as i plan to do business in the US exclusively as of now Business through e-commerce & 3pl fulfillment service . Type ...
  3. Martin Everson

    U.S. on Course to Land on European Tax Blacklist

    The EU got balls of steel with this one. They are pushing automatic reporting of US accounts. Good luck to those who don't listen and choose the U.S to avoid CRS ns2. U.S. on Course to Land on European Tax Blacklist: EU Official ----quote If the U.S. doesn’t agree by June 2019 to exchange...
  4. Stephen83

    Question: US Citizen Resident in the UK

    Hi all, I've been lurking and decided to join up. I'm already really impressed with the wealth of knowledge I'm seeing exchanged here. I have a rather specific situation and I've spent a lot of time trying to find a solution. Stats: UK Resident employed paying UK Income tax (higher income...
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