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  1. GiGoGo

    OnlyFans VAT and UK LLP

    I was looking for an alternative to US LLC, and I found UK LLP interesting. I don't need asset protection or anonymity, and it's cheap and easy to maintain for 0% tax with good banking options. The other day I tried to open an account at OnlyFans to understand why it was so successful, when I...
  2. G

    How to handle Tax worldwide for digital services

    Hello all, We are considering opening a Delaware company but before we do we would like to gather some more information regarding tax and what needs to be visible on an invoice hence what to collect from customers. Of course, we will engage lawyers and accountants when the time is near...
  3. B

    UK Taxes + VAT for Ecommerce Business

    First of all, you guys are awesome! Thank you for the invaluable gems scattered around here. I am conducting ecommerce in the UK and I am concerned with taxes and VAT. The tax rates are so high I am considering other options (I.e. an offshore company or relocating etc) 1. What will be the...
  4. L

    UK Payment Processing for HK Ltd.

    Hi, before I check with my lawyer, I what to ask you for your opinion and maybe also practical experience/hassles with the following setup: I do with a partner EU dropshipping with an HK Ltd. We are both EU passport holders but have non-EU residences in southeast Asia. That means also that we...
  5. A

    VAT payment at an offshore/domestic company

    Hi guys, First of all, I am very happy for being here. I have got two questions to you and these are connected to each other. So let us face it! :D My 1st question is the following: If I create an offshore company (e.g. in Deleware, Florida or Hong Kong), have I got to pay for the VAT in my...
  6. Neqzwer3

    Dropshipping and VAT

    Hi I have a dropshipping shop. I buy from China for EU base customers. My cost is a 50 EUR My sale is a 100 EUR Profit is a 50 EUR. So i should pay 20% Vat from my profit or from sales price?
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