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  1. W

    Update about Worldcore

    I just get some update that I share with the member of the forum who used a Worldcore account and who get f*cked by the bank details problem. Worldcore sign a partnership agreement with Homepage NordPay - NordPay Financial So it's mean that they will receive new bank details and we will be...
  2. Emirates

    Worldcore banking alternative with debit cards.. Please Read!

    Does someone know the company ? I can't figure out if it is a real bank or if it is a company that holds any license for financial services! They are offering a MasterCard debit card and online banking which is what I'm looking for. I don't know if they accept offshore companies...
  3. TRX

    Worldcore: The Ultimate Player in Payment Services

    Worldcore is a company that provides their clients with a quicker and easier way to receive payments around the world. This is mainly for people who want to send and receive money quickly but securely. They do this by providing their clients with top-class banks with large networks to ensure a...
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