Worldcore banking alternative with debit cards.. Please Read!

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    Does someone know the company ?

    I can't figure out if it is a real bank or if it is a company that holds any license for financial services! They are offering a MasterCard debit card and online banking which is what I'm looking for. I don't know if they accept offshore companies from Belize, Seychelles or Cook Islands yet but asked them.

    Any good or bad about them please?

    Debit card details:
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    You may check at least their WHOIS information and it looks like they are aprox 6 years old and hosted in France. At least it means they are not offshore at all but regulated under EU laws which are very strict in France.
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    They are a SCAM stay away from them..!!
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  4. Emirates

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    Thanks for your replies guys very helpful ;)
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  5. negon

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    Yeah stay away from them not worth to spend time or money at!
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    The link is a fake review from these Guys. Well know method to get down all the negative stuff about them!
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    For how long have you been a customer there? I cross my fingers it is a valid solution that we can trust but still not sure if it is??nai¤%
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    Can someone let me know if they are regulated by any financial government body and if so what is there license number for which country so we may look them up?!
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    Would like to know also. Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, EntroPay all of them have the license number below their page!
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    I'm not going to trust my money to them until I have seen a financial service license number at the button of each page of They are 2 years old and I believe they just provide the service without license and until someone catch them!

    The below is nowhere telling anything about a license number only bullshitting about they are MasterCard approved which I don't believe.
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  14. suzy

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    Would like to see a financial service license number from them too or some proof that they are allowed to do what they are doing. For me it looks like a underground operation controlled by some guys that are into fast and easy money.
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  15. Worldcore

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    Dear members!

    First of all I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Martin and I'm involved in sales team of Worldcore.

    We regularly monitor what people think and say about us so we found this discussion and it's a pleasure for me to provide you with answers to your questions.

    I guess I should start with legal and regulations aspects of our business... Worldcore is a registered trademark of EUPSProvider s.r.o. company registered and licensed in Czech Republic. The link to National Bank registry with full details about authorized activities is available on "About the company" page of our website since it was launched and can be found here:

    Global payment solutions - Online payment services | Worldcore

    As you may see, we have full permission to provide payment accounts, execute transactions and provide money remittance services and this is exactly what we do. License number is not indicated anywhere because such parameter doesn't exist in Czech Republic. The license is linked to a company and company's number and National Bank as a regulator doesn't obtain any additional identification number to your license.

    The next thing that needs to be discussed is trust and security of our platform. This is not a secret that we quickly reacted to complaints on "Pissed Consumer" website that were listed above . We never hide anything and we have good name, these complaints were posted only on that period of time while we closed an account of the client who refused our request to provide supporting documents for payment that was marked as suspicious due to some factors. Nobody touched his money and everything was returned back less bank charges same-day. You would easily find our official and more than detailed explanation there and you won't find any other bad reports regarding experience with Worldcore. Moreover, we cooperate with over 10 banks in Europe, we offer plastic and virtual debit card and provide international money transfers to almost any Visa/MasterCard/UnionPay card worldwide which is one of our exclusive solutions. Security options include SMS-authentication and VoiceKey Voice Biometrics Authentication (One more registered trademark of our company). Worldcore is one and only payment institution in EU offering this opportunity. We also expect to release facial recognition access next week to provide even wider range of biometric security features and be on the top of today's online security technologies applicable in payment services industry.

    Worldcore is not just online-based company so the doors of our Pragues office are open for any verification-related visits anytime from 10 AM to 5:30 PM from Monday to Friday excluding Czech National Holidays. Our company has impressive press visibility and is a regular participant, sponsor and partner of largest European FinTech events including European Fintech Awards, Phoenix Fintech, Euro Finance, Excellence in Digital Finance, Money2020 and others. I would share some links to save your time on searching:

    Worldcore Payment Institution Featured at EuroFinance 2016 Vienna

    bne IntelliNews - FINTECH: The payments master Worldcore

    Worldcore | Money20/20 Europe

    EXCELLENCE in DIGITAL FINANCE | 24th – 25th November 2016 | Vienna, Austria

    | EuroFinance

    I hope my answer was informative and I strongly believe that all bad and incorrect opinions about Worldcore that were posted above will be changed after my clarifications. Anyway, we are open to discussions so I will be back with details if you have more questions about Worldcore.

    Enjoy your day

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    @Worldcore , great to have you here and to take the time to elaborate on all the confusing information about your organisation.
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    Can't open the link?
  19. Worldcore

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    Most likely it happens due to forum link posting restrictions.
    You can find the link to this page on Worldcore website as well, just scroll down home page and you will see it in the left menu (COMPANY column -> About the company).
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