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10% of Seychelles Population Addicted to Heroin

Martin Everson

Offshore Retiree
Jan 2, 2018
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Seychelles is facing what is now an epidemic.

It is estimated that around 10% of the Seychellois population is hooked on heroin. So much so that foreign workers are having to be brought in to do the work that drug-dependent locals cannot.

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Seychelles is only a paradise for tourism for everyone else it is a shithole.
Much true. The Seychellois retarded politicians think they are a first world country and refuse heavy investment from China. The result is they have become a major drug commerce hub, thanks to the excuse of the practical impossibility of controlling the entire coastline. Of course politicians don’t really care about their country, as they enjoy the money flowing into their pockets in their mansions in France, Bahamas etc. under the cover of their “diplomatic appointments”. This would be a good article to write, but, oh how strange!, nobody writes it.
did anyone here try to live on the main island at least temporarily? two weeks of resort vacation doesn't count
is it really not even worth consideration?