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-1000 USD balance Paypal in Dubai


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Apr 17, 2024
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I worked as a webcam girl also wile in Dubai. A client caused me a loss of $1000+ on my PayPal account. I left the Emirates. I lived there renting a place without documents and the rent is just an approximate one. Will they come after me to punish me or can I forget about that account?! The name is not real also.

and i spent the money , i haven't withdraw them to a bank ...
But if you owe money you can go to jail in Dubai?
That is the worst scenario for owing money to UAE companies or institutions. Before you even get jailed in that scenario you would more likely to get a travel ban in order to get your affairs in order.

In your case you will probably only encounter a Paypal ban on your account. Paypal is not an UAE company.
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if you are so worried just pay the 1k, and call it a day.
this being said, chances of something happening are slim.
I completely agree with everyone else here, nothing is going to happen, but if you are that nervous about it and if you want peace of mind, then just pay the $1000 and it's out of the world. It's not a lot of money.

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