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Apr 15, 2009
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What do you think are some major advantages of e-shopping over the conventional shopping methods. I think when you shop online, you can avoid chaotic traffic at the supermarket counters or shopping malls. You can also choose from multiple brands, compare the pricing and read reviews to ensure value for money.
You are absolutely right in your views.We can save time ,money and physical difficulties through e-shopping.Any one can get better product opinions and impartial reviews of the products that he/she is going to place online orders.One thing,e-shopping lacks behind offline shopping is direct product experience and demonstration.

1.) You will not carry any load or weight from the items you purchased.

2.) You will just wait for it to be delivered.

3.) You cannot what you are buying. There's a risk that it might be defective.

4.) You can have great discounts using coupon codes.

5.) You can select from a wide range without hassle. Simply, clicking your mouse in browsing the different products.

6.) You can enjoy unique features like wish cards, wish lists and other more.

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