7th Annual OffshoreAlert Financial Due Diligence Conference

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What likke to attend here, but it's Miami, so it isn't an option :(

Thanks to the high caliber and knowledge of its speakers and organizers, this conference has consistently provided its attendees with a comprehensive overview of the offshore financial world and an superb setting for learning and exchanging ideas. It is a fundamental tool for those who aim at understanding and progressing in this arena."
- Eduardo D'Angelo P. Silva, Chairman, The Cayman Islands Financial Services Association

The 7th Annual Financial Due Diligence Conference specializes in cutting edge information and intelligence on Fraud, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Compliance, Risk Management & Asset Recovery as they relate to Offshore Financial Centers.

Building on 12 years of exposing serious financial crime, this year's conference will provide an in-depth analysis of issues affecting business transactions involving OFCs and will equip you with the strategies and techniques to successfully navigate them.
Overview - OffshoreAlert Conference on Financial Due Diligence in Offshore Financial Centers

Might be of interest for some of you.