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  1. michael reader

    michael reader New Member

    i want to upgrade my account to the premium service or the most expensive paid subscription to this forum, will i be able to ask questions that could only be asked there and not on this public forum? what is the most premium membership on this forum assuming that i could ask questions on that forum that arent suitable for this public forum? can someone please tell me. thank you.
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  2. Admin

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    Yes the Mentor Group is the subscription to the hidden forums that don't get public.

    You can subscribe for Mentor Group here https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/account/upgrades Don't signup for the Premium it is only to support the forum and don't give you the same access.
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  3. michael reader

    michael reader New Member

    but which forum that is paid subscription is the very best that you have and how much does it cost per year in u.s. dollars? rsvp

  4. michael reader

    michael reader New Member

    can i post my fake documents question in the paid forum?

  5. Admin

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    You will have access to the all secret forums! so don't worry about that.

    yes you can post all your questions there and also reuqest services.
  6. hiju

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    Mentor Group is a great place to discuss things you want to research or solve for personal use but shouldn't go public. Beside that you can PM people and you are able to read about stuff you won't find anywhere else. I'm happy to pay for it all time thu&¤#