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Accounting Data Entry in China


Sep 10, 2009
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WIth the development of global economy,accounting data entry is necessary for all businesses.In accounting, all information related to finance are recorded, categorized, analyzed, and generated as reports to have a record of the actual funds.

Based in China, Accexperts is a leading data entry service provider to a wide range of clients including large and small organizations and businesses within and outside the country. Our accounting data entry is the best in the industry driven by quality management and timely submission. Our aim is to provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients by our service.

- Inventory and payroll reports

- Invoicing and monthly statements

- Reconciliation of Bank and Financial statements

- World-class service at lower rates
Definitely it is a nice and impressive post about Accounting related data entry jobs.I think it may be a global out sourcing hub and not centered on China only.The cost factor is very important which has been not been mentioned here.Eager to know more details about the company and it's spheres of busyness activities.
Accounting data entry

Hi, i am from india I am also a freelancer accountant since last 5 years. I am still in search of doing more and more accounting data entry job. I can do all kind of accounting data entry job like purchase, sales, cash & bank. I am doing accounts upto finalization. I work as an individual so If you like to hire me in your team, then it become pleasure for me and somewhat appraise.

For contact you can send me message here I 'll reply you soon.

thank you,


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