Accounting services needed


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Hello guys - new member here and not really sure if I post to the most proper subforum.

Recently started running a UK company with some profits - but the accountant failed to submit annual profits of the last year properly. Due to this, Im not able to start dividends from those profits (as a non UK citizen).
Im searching for an experienced accountant, with pretty good knowledge, in order to be paid to correct this situation.

I really dont know which procedures have to be followed in this case - what can be avoided and what cannot - so please advise accoringly if you faced such a situation in the past, or you are sure about whats needed.
If there's any suggested accountant here - I would love to have a suggestion placed aswell :)

thanks in advance.


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I had a first touch with them - thanks.
They fwed my inquery to another partner of them. No website branding, no info on the net about them at all.
I explained the situation and they said nothing about the plan of the dividends, only about correcting an annual account, which obviously can be done by every accountant, since its based on data we give to them.

Anyone experienced a more personalized service and a more passionated accountant that will be able to guide you through everyday problems and get advantage of everything in order to have the most out of situation with clever ways?