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Advantages of offshore Company registration Cyprus.


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Sep 19, 2009
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Cyprus is now a global destination in Europe for offshore business activities.Here are some advantages of forming offshore company there.

1-Under new legislation worldwide, the taxation of foreign-controlled Cyprus offshore companies will no longer depend on where they are registered but on where they are managed and controlled.

2-The Companies registered in Cyprus but managed and controlled from abroad, will only be taxed in Cyprus on their income generated in Cyprus.

3-Offshore companies in Cyprus will enjoy exemption from tax on foreign dividends & interest and income from any permanent establishment

abroad, as well as all foreign tax credits and offsets of losses incurred abroad.

So offshore company in Cyprus can be referred to as an international business company nowadays.This is definitely a big advantage for multinational companies.
Cyprus has for years be known as the "Offshore jurisdiction" in Europe at all, right after Gibraltar and Maltha.... Actually it is more a low Tax country than a Offshore place...

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