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Advcash and Xapo - Load Limit

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I have had my Advcash and Xapo verified in the past one week.

I want to receive my first payment to Advcash of $20,000 via wire transfer I just want to find out if anyone has had problems with this e.g delay, rubbish account review which causes unnecessary delays or even limiting your account. I don't want to waste time loading the funds without been able to collect it via ATM or transfer to other Advcash users or even converting to bitcoin.

For Xapo since they don't accept 3rd party payments do they also have issues with high volume load of funds with $20,000 to $50,000?

If possible post how much is the maximum you have been able to load via Wire Transfer/SEPA/Credit card with both Xapo and Advcash.


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Loaded 8k USD Wire Transfer from CCBILL to Advance Cash no problems what so ever! Get weekly payments from ccbill the advance cash account has a balance of $30k.

Have been happy with them since Dec. 2016


New member
Belarus, just tell me please

i earn money with ccbill too, i'm planing to open this advacash account just for ccbill
i'm from Europe

but i saw that they need special title for sending money from affiliate programs, right?
Is it possible to tell ccbill to include these codes in title?

How it is done? Did you get permision from advance to send money from ccbill with their own title?


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Contact CCBILL they are pretty good in responding to support tickets, and they are fast! Alternative I know for sure LeuPay works with CCBILL!


New member
anybody get money from affiliate program to Advcash?

i ask support about this and they told me that i can load account ONLY FROM PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT
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