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    1.which jurisdiction is best for avoiding aeoi and crs? Is there a way to avoid crs?
    2.If a country has reciprocal FATCA agreement with USA what details does USA hand over to that country.
    As far as I have understood AEOI list countries will receive cash balance, divident , securities and other investment details but what about the details USA gives back to the country that have a FATCA agreement.
    3. If a country is in both AEOI list and FATCA is there any fool proof option for offshroe account?
  2. Internationaloff

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    Where are you resident? USA?
  3. negon

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    There is no option for you if that is what your country is into!

    Only thing will be darks and EMI account!
  4. offtalk

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    If the person has a llc in delaware(if directly owning ) and has a bank account will US report it to the country of residence under FATCA reciprocal reporting?
  5. offtalk

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    no not USA but my country has a reciprocal agreement with US so the US income gets reported to the country
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    From 2018 CRS will cover most common jurisdictions. You should think about more flexible solution(tax residency in UAE, Paraguay or Panama) if you have normal business. If not, you should read about dark.
  7. offtalk

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    rak freezone company with residence visa will solve the issue? How much will it cost to for the rak freezone company and visa?
  8. diablo

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    It does but you need to consider that it's very expensive to take that step!