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Air France Flight Findings


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Jun 8, 2009
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:( Such a sad piece of news.

I believe 3-5 bodies have been found with a ticket for the flight in the luggage. Also, the rear tail of the plane has been found.

I think they are also in vigorous search of the black box to find out what really went down.
This is really a sad story of such epic proportions. Hopefully, the black box can be recovered so investigators can determine what caused the crash. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones.
Just now, the news said that the accident was caused either the flight was too slow or too fast for its own safety. They claimed that that several planes before suffer the same fate because of this.
Sad story.... found this link

France, Brazil Scour Ocean For Missing Jet - CBS News

Should be the reason news about it.
Yeah, but still it is more save to Fly then driving a car.... the only reason for why it always looks like such dramatically is because we don't see it as often and that many peoples at the same time died.