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Sep 19, 2009
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Alertpay is the next best e-wallets or payment processor after Paypal.The Candian company's site is more secured now as ever before.The transaction charges are justified.The refund charge back claim policy is best in the industry.The site gives very few chances to the seller who sell online in case of any fraudulent activities.
One thing Alertpay has to develop is its global reach. Currently Alertpay is available only for a certain geographic area. And it has to lower its fees slightly in order to compete with PayPal and to gain more popularity.
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In my opinion alertpay is very good and trusted payment processor after paypal. I think earlier popularity of alertpay was not up to the mark as it is not working in the some region as a result of which citizen of that region do not have any option to have an a/c with paypal, but now a days popularity of alertpay is increasing . It is equally a good site like paypal but inspite of all I like paypal as it is widely accepted in all countries and its instant transaction.
Have only tried them for a few times, they worked pretty good and straight forward, I prefer to use PayPal at any time, only good thing with alertpay is that they accept business which PayPal don't.