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Alternative to AlertPay?

I think, if you can't use paypal, moneybookers, or alertpay, then the next best is either Liberty Reserve or E-gold.

But I've seen many complaints about Liberty Reserve over here, so I can't say anything for certain, although, I haven't faced any problems with them yet.

I am using Pay Quicker. They are new but I have been using these guys for about a year now and have had no problems with them. They are free to sign up with and free P2P transactions. your money is also secured in an insured bank account which the account and routing number is provided to you as well. I actually linked my payquicker account account to my paypal account as a bank account and pulled the remainder of the money from my paypal account to use in payquicker. I is actually cheaper to accept payments from payquicker and move it to an external account than to deal with all the BS percentage fees that paypal takes from you. I do agree that paypal may be more convenient to use for ebay and so forth but now a days there are so many of these payment platforms out there that are fee happy that I needed to find one that wasn's too bad. This payquicker thing seems to be more of an actual bank account that is really considered a card account so I don't have to worry about the company freezing or suspending my account for no reason because if that happens I can just contact bank to which holds my money and have them send me a check for the remaining balance. look em up: payquicker (I would leave a link but I don't want to break forum rules)
This is another PayPal clone! I assume you are the owner of the company since your only post is about this company, if that is the case you can introduce your self in the proper forum that would look better.

Further, for anyone considering this solution then you may want to check if the company is PCI compliant on the public available VISA list, the website is hosted at theplanet which not may be anything bad but can also mean that they are not PCI compliant so they may not be secure. But check carefully on your own.
Sure, attached to this post you can find the latest list from Visa,

Visa Europe Account Information Security (AIS)List of PCI DSS validated service providersEffective 13 January 2012
View attachment pci_dss.pdf
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