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Andorra company formation?


You want to checkout these guys Our team - Silvestre Advocats they can help you with what you may need there!
@blueweb , @Aveliino
Accidentally I had a phone call yesterday with Josep, who is the owner (very nice and polite guy btw) in which he explained in his best English that they do not practice corporate law rather civil and criminal law. Btw their phone line runs the game of throne music during the waiting :)

@Aveliino I am actually also interested in a company formation in Andorra and I think the costs are around EUR 1750.

However, instead of we both email the same lawyers, driving up prices, lets share info. here.
So I let you contact these, but do let us know what info you get.

P.s. I have noticed that in Andorra the quality of lawyers varies quite a bit! I think they are now introducing a standard lawyers test in Andorra itself. So do your research before you really commit to someone.

Andorra Lawyers:


nice share of lawyers list. Why do you believe that you drive the price up just because 2 people e-mail the same lawyer:rolleyes: Wonder why you got banned, hidden advertising is a bitch.
I follow you 100%. Those guys loose all trust when they do that. Will I give my money to a guy/company who doesn't have 100 buck to put at least a signature? NO.
I also guess that those people will always find customers to scam.


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The guy is not at all related to these Andorran lawyers.
And if he was related to 1 of these guys, he wouldnt copy all names but just one.
Read his other thread on chosing a jurisdictio between Andorra Malta and Cyprus.

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Blueweb was claiming hidden advertising hap¤#" I think he was just trying to be helpful.
Ahh ok I see how that can be misinterpreted conf/(%

I don't think that was what Blueweb had in mind however. The banned guy is lining up a user for a scam of some sort probably involving selling his own service.




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Does anyone know any good service to assist on opening company in Andorra?
Thanks in advance.
Hi I live in Andorra. You have several statuses to come to Andorra. Passive residence or active residence (you work or you do not work). I paid a little more than 5000 € for the creation of a company with a bank account at a lawyer (Aleix Lawyer phone +376.820.020).
After there are several statuses for companies. I do not know what you want to do!
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