Anonymous Company Formation, how and why?

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Well, why I can't answer you, but in general you will need an anonymous company if you consider a transaction in regards of a take over of a competing business, could also be a website or other property / business activity where you are not interested that the other part is knowing who is buying.

To setup a anonymous company can be done in several ways, just depends on how anonymous you would like it to be.

For instant you can form a Cyprus company with noniminee shareholders and directors, doing so the beneficial owner won't need to sign any documents or agreements etc. on behalf of the company, the nominee director will do so.

For an additional layer of privacy protection and for some tax reason, many also start with an Offshore Holding company for instant in the Seychelles which also is registered with full nominee services, now the Seychelles company will be the shareholder and director of a new registered Cyprus company.

Both task are pretty simple and very common, just depends on the particular case.


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I would like to supply this with the following, if you have an business activity which is a bit in a grey zone it is of great benefit to have the option to register the company anonymously, will make you live way easier....


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Going offshore through an IBC (International Business Corporation) allows the owners total control over their assets in complete privacy from an offshore financial jurisdiction. Their entire businesses and commercial activities, including investments and banking, may be conducted under an offshore corporate ownership, thus keeping the name of shareholders, directors and officers completely private. In the vast majority of cases, the banks are prohibited, based on local laws to disclose any information on their clients.

* No restrictions on nationality

* No requirements to disclose ownership

* No restrictions on foreign owned corporations

* No restrictions concerning ownership of shares

* Shares could be subscribed to the Bearer or By Name

* No residence requirements for Directors/Officers

* No paid-in capital requirements

* No Income Tax is paid or reported if the corporation operate outside the jurisdiction

* No exchange controls

* No restrictions on Mergers, Acquisitions or Joint Ventures

* No requirements to file annual Financial Statements

* No requirement to hold annual General Meetings of Shareholders or Directors

* Secrecy and Anonymity

* Total tax exemption on all and any business activity or transaction carried on outside the jurisdiction

* Total business privacy

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Sorry to reopen this very very old thread smi(&% it has been funny to read about it. Now almost 10 years later you have darks which is the only protecting tool for your offshore company and privacy if you want to be 100% sure not to reveal your name / person anywhere!


This is not allowed to be discussed on the public forums but requires Mentor Group access.

Anyhow, they are typically fake or stolen documents!