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any airwallex user please share information

airwallex approved my account yesterday and now i have some 19.200 gbp coming in which was sent less than an hour ago through chaps
account is for uk ltd with uk resident director with uk passport
does anyone here use airwallex,so far i see only posts of people who have been rejected but no actual usecase explanation
do they annoy you for sums like this one?what if i get 150.000 euro which will come sooner or later because of a contract we will be signing on monday with a client?
i can only use emis so no physical bank and i know wise for example wont annoy you sometimes for sums like that like they havent a relative who constantly uses them for large sums
I use Airwallex for a year now, doing 5 figures monthly. No questions so far except once when I paid a freelancer in Moldavia (just had to provide invoice to get it sorted, compliance responds swiftly). I also asked them once specifically if the account has any limits in terms of receiving and sending money - answer was no limits at all.
one year with airwallex, all good with larger amounts.
I've been using them for one of my companies and so far, they're the best I've ever come across. The largest amount I've moved through the account is in the 5 digit range tho so I can't say anything related to 6 figs one but I don't think they're going to be a problem. Thing with Airwallex is that they have a very difficult onboarding process but they leave you alone after, unlike, for example Revolut which will give you an account in minutes and then bother the life out of you.
using airwallex with HK entity for 4+ years.

they DO seemingly random KYC checks. Like suddenly they want to see documentation for a specific transfer.
Sometimes they froze our account while the check was ongoing, sometimes the account works like normal, just the transfer is frozen until they accept the documentation.

One time they decided that they don't like the recipient, cancelled the transfer and told us: you cannot send money anymore to that recipient.

Our transactions are 5-figures and the monthly volume is 5-6 figures.

ALL in ALL good financial service provider.
I have been an Airwallex user for 2 years for one of my companies. Transacting 5 figure almost monthly. Sometimes they ask for proof like invoices or more documents. If you are worried about 6 figure transaction, you can always contact your rep in advance, so that sudden account freezing won't happen.

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