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Any credit card processor for payment company ?

it's a general payment service business. the local banks would not enable us to server international clients and most of them view us a high risk. We are looking to work with those who feel comfortable with our business
It's hard to help you when you're not sharing much detail about your setup. In my experience, that's often either due to inexperience (not knowing what details are important) or because you know your traffic is dodgy/high-risk (looking to pull a fast one).

You can go speak with FirstData, Worldline, Adyen, Worldpay, Stripe, Chase Paymentech, and other multi-national/multi-regional card processors. If you have or realistically project a solid client base, they are some examples of acquirers that work on a PF or ISO model, which it sounds like you're after.

A licensed money services business is looking for a credit card solution processor. We are not a 3rd party provider. we are looking to provide it to our own clients

Is there any provider who can accept our business type ?

Please share more info on your business model and clients
OP - with that attitude, you will not find any good help here. If you really want to keep everything secret and just find a solution yourself, then mentor group gold is the right place for you. Check out their resource database which is filled with good payment processors.