any eu bank with euro iban that allow euro withdraw \ deposit from ftx

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we really need ftx \ binance \ \ coinbase \ kraken \ kucoin\ gemini \ nexo \ celsius \ etc etc etc any other big exchange to start let us get personal iban under our name
sure one day it will be done in digtal euro that just works \ banks will stop being so bad to anything crypto
but untill then we need iban from a big crypto exchange
Kraken got banking licence in US. If you are US resident then try kraken bank


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Kraken got banking licence in US. If you are US resident then try kraken bank
I am not

and even if i were in the USA this is not big issue like in eu

In usa you can connect your bank with ftx or coinbase etc

And that's it on off ramp just work...

Sure on BIG amount on the off ramp you need to go through this nonsense but we talk about actually big amounts..

Even on the on ramp if it's BIG I'm sure ftx will ask stuff even if money already got the green light by a bank...

But we actually talk about BIG numbers...

In eu your account get frozen over 5k euro it's crazy

Funny but with cbdc and baning self coustdey not allowing withdrawal to address that are not kyc.. and everyone KYC they solve the AML ... Total control is total control...

I'm not against check of source of funds and AML I get why they needed.. I also want to make it nightmare for drugs lord's or terrorist to have access to money

But we in a point where everyone normal regular people are being treated like they terrorist until proven other wise.. in the regular legacy banks system.. in the crypto side is ok.. (again unless big money) all tho I'm sure governments are going to force them to get in line soon

But hi at least there is now some compation to the shity banks.. by players with big pockets ..

now it just works ui is not from 1970 and you don't need to send FAX and it's only 9 - 5 hours and 5 days a week

In the end imo Bitcoin will win

Fiat will go to 0 before Bitcoin will

It will take alot of time it will be a "war" but Bitcoin will win

And until then the financial system will finally move from 1970

Spend 5k with binance card works..

Send 5k euro from binance to revlout ? Boom your revoult account is frozen

And the old regular banks (not emi) are even worse once they see crypto

I mean I get it for them is not good in any way... But soon they won't have a choice.. once 30% of the people want it they will start offer it themselves.. with a high fee of course.. and if you don't want to use there high fees well..
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From a government point of view.. crypto is great if done right..

And from what they want.. once they kyc everything is just fixed all of the government issue.. track everything control everything..
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