Any Euro Pacific Bank Review?

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts' started by aplusbangla, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Tom

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    Bank of China in which country?
  2. Tom

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    Last week, Thursday (Nov 9) I transfered a larger amount of USD to my EPB account.
    So far, nothing arrived (I have used their new MT103 data).
    Just opened a ticket .... but reliability is really something else.
  3. Tom

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    Any hint where I can open an offshore account remotely with a bank (not paypal or something alike) ?
  4. Admin

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    You may look into Cyprus banking. At least it works much better than Euro Pacific Bank for day to day banking.
  5. Amnesius

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    Just got an email with no warning saying that they have had to cancel their arrangement with mastercard (the debit card they setup for the account) effective immediately (stating they had no warning) and now my business which depends on this debit card for online transactions can no longer operate. do not work with this bank, not having a card to do business in this day and age is beyond negligent and ridiculous.
  6. icecold

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    Seems Mastercard and VISA hit hard down on all these so called "banks" which are to small to fight against them.

    I feel sorry for you @Amnesius and hope you find an alternative solution.
  7. SIX

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    Euro Pacific Bank is hardly a bank at all. I've just terminated my accounts there after an incredible amount of problems. I've been stupid enough to use them for years, but it's been a one-way down hill experience. If your time has no value, if you enjoy incompetence and negligence, if you're happy to provide ridiculous amounts of documentation prior to accepting incoming wires in order to have them pre-approved in writing, only to find them rejected once they arrive (10 business days delay is very common here)... and if you enjoy not being able to wire USD in/out and have wires cancelled randomly due to recipient banks not wanting to have anything to do with EPB or if you love it when banks cancels your cards with 24-hour notice because they are not trusted by the card issuer... leaving your money trapped.... sure EPB is for you.

    If on the other hand you want to deal with someone who cares, takes you seriously and speaks/writes proper English and has a real phone number (not a call center who can only take messages) then you need to look elsewhere. I've opened accounts in many countries... Andorra, Australia, Austria, BVI, Saint Vincent, Cayman, Canada, Liechtenstein etc... I guess you can say it's a hobby of mine.... however EPB stands apart from the rest, they are incredibly incompetent and careless (will loose your paperwork and ask for it again and again and again). Save your time and energy, go elsewhere. Management at EPB also don't care one iota - that includes Schiff himself and Devin their Global Head of Client Services. Useless morons who do nothing but waste your time and money.

    Of course most of the "employees" don't actually work in SVG or PR, they work from home from Canada, Italy, Israel etc. - it's not a real bank, it's an expensive intermediary borderline criminal institution.

    I had near half a million with EPB, used their trading platform (Saxo Bank re-sell) which is very basic (go IB or similar for quality) - the service on every single service has been rotten from day one... total waste. Avoid at all costs.

    I could go on, but instead I moved on. Have a good day out there! :)
  8. Edge

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    I'm done with EPB ...

    Downhill from day one ... spent years and years with them, with the recent no card problem, that is still not resolved (for non sepa clients) ..
    Imagine you use your mastercard for day to day business operations, and now it's almost 2 months without a card, and they didn't even find a replacement yet ... let alone print and send the card ...

    the worst thing is that they had like 2 or 3 days notice before the card was deactivated ....

    Everytime your receive or send a wire, it stays for ages before they execute it, and you need documentation for every single thing; and as the guy before me said, they will ask for the same thing time and time again, totally unprofessional .. it's a joke right now ..

    And after all this crappy service, they still get the highest comissions and maintenance and transaction fees ..

    Anyway, I'm looking for alternatives guys .. any ideas ?
    I found CIM banque .. and maybe something in cyprus (what in particular) ..
    please advise.

    Thank you
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  9. diabla1990

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    For RBC bank Cyprus do you have to do a face to face on site to open an account or do they accept online applications and alternate verification?
  10. maxmoney

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    In my opinion Euro Pacific Bank sucks, high fees not cooperating and bad support! Sorry to say so, I know EPC is watching this forum.
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  11. SIX

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    If they are watching, then it only confirms their extreme stupidity and arrogant attitude. Over the last 4-5 years they've made zero changes for the better, they are getting worse by the day (especially with higher amounts). This is a rotten organization on all levels, hell I even wrote Schiff himself multiple times who of course didn't respond, but again, why should he give a shit. A quick search shows EPC is of the same caliper as EPB. Bottom line; they are trying to run themselves into the ground...(and succeeding judging by this and other threads). I'm so glad my nightmare with the incompetent retards is over.
  12. Edge

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    Couldn't agree more ... They simply don't care about their clientele; that's the vibe you get ...
    But the level of unprofeesionalism and disorganisation is unmatched ..

    And yeah by the way; they still don't have a card for non sepa members .. Something is seriously wrong going on there ...