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Anyone have read about the philospher John Locke?

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Only in recent years did I come across him when I became interested in where liberalism actually came from. I am a big supporter of liberalism and I also cultivate it in both my private but also business life.

FYI John Locke - Wikipedia


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Most people in the business world follow his philosophy, this is not entirely new. I am a big supporter of liberalism as I believe that every human being should have his freedom to decide. I do not bother to be monitored, I do not bother the banks to see what I spend money on, I do not bother at all for the government to film me wherever I am.

Isn't that what OffshoreCorptalk is all about?


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Locke certainly paved the way for many great thinkers.

There seems to be a widespread misunderstanding now about people with classical liberal/neoliberal/libertarian leanings that it's all about wanting to be free to do what you want, rather than respecting other peoples' freedoms.


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I am a big supporter of liberalism and I also cultivate it in both my private but also business life.
second that. I have never thought about where liberalism came from or whether there was some philosopher behind it. Now I want to spend some time reading about John Locke.


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He was one of my idols



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I know what you mean ki#¤%

Which one would you hit John Locke or Ayn Rand rof/%
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