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Anyone try any newer options?


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Apr 17, 2009
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I've heard of one called RevolutionMoney (I think) that people are saying is showing promise. However, I have yet to see anyone who actually accepts this as a payment alternative so it's a waste of time for me to bother at this time.
I haven't tried any new services currently. Most of the companies are comfortable having PayPal and moneybookers and I don't think there is an urgent possibility to switch to other payment processors.
Well, it depends on which business you are into, for many PayPal and Moneybooker isn't an option they are simply not allowed to sell their services / products using these services!

Looking over the net, it looks like their are a lot of new services popping up each day, it is worth to watch them, if they are still here in a year they might be worth to look into.
I have not used this option. It is not available in my country. Only Paypal support my country. Hence i do not give preference to any other payment processors. I do not want to get into trouble for money transfer.

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