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Anyone used MLM to get rich?


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Aug 29, 2009
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I've heard of many people who've made quite a lot of money from multi-level marketing schemes.

I haven't tried them yet because I didn't want to use a bit of my money. Bu now that I have an account balance from my online earnings, I'm thinking of participating in one.

Any suggestions?
Get Rich?

Good luck with that. Most MLM's are pyramid schemed organizations built on the mantra, "recruit, recruit, recruit", usually starting with your warm market, i.e. friends n family. They've become more sophisticated recently with everything from energy drinks to weight loss products to legl services but still require members to commit to a monthly purchase, strongly recommending it be via 'auto ship' which, of course, guarantees the MLM anywhere from $40 to 200 per month per member - someones making money right? Some 'allow' you to be a member without 'auto ship' as long as you purchase the minimum required amount yourself every 30 days. If you forget and 30 days slips by without the purchase, no commissions that month! Can you make money in MLM, no doubt. But there will be some serious trade offs. Why not expand your online business since you're already tapping into that venue? BTW, what is your online business?
I don't know about online MLM, but I have a friends who get rich from doing offline MLM. But his success didn't fall from the sky. At first he works so hard to build so many downlines... The point is there are many ways to get rich, but never an easy way.. if you want to be rich then you have to work hard...

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