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Anyone used perfect money


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Aug 29, 2009
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Perfect money is an e-currency which is accepted by many online investment programs. I do have a Liberty Reserve account which is the big fish in HYIP fund management, but ever since I came here and saw so many bad things said about LR, I decided to divide my investment money into different e-currencies.

Anyone got something to say about Perfect Money.
So far I didn't see any negative reviews, not here at this forum or at other forums.... looks like they are ok.

But still, they are pretty new I believe only 6 months old or something so one should be careful using them at least for now...
yeah!! Even I've been researching a bit.......in HYIP forums.......and other money-related forums. But most people still prefer Liberty Reserve over any other, because of the longevity. I tried to tell them of the scam reports here but they don't listen.

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