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Are you a moderator of any site?


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Sep 19, 2009
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When I entered online money making world, I heard the name of moderators.In most of the social networking sites, there are one or members acting in the role of moderators to regulate members with in the purview of the forum guide lines.But I have never acted as a moderator of any sites.So Don"t know exactly -what are the role of moderators.If anybody here has any experience on the functions of moderators.
I am not a moderator of any site since most of these moderators are working on forums. A moderator’s role is to keep the forum at a controlled level. That means that she/he must do some of the functions of an admin like deleting some spam, banning some stupid members.
I have Modded and even Adminned for many different websites and forums over the years, but I haven't been doing much of that for the past year or so now. Being a regular Mod isn't really that stressful, especially if you have a light work-load.
I have a small experience of working as a Moderator for an entertainment and gossip related site (vipflux.com) It basically involves making some new rules for community and members and remove any inappropriate post.

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