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Assange Released

There is one good reason why we need more Assanges: the resources allocated to them can’t be used against us smi(&%
rof/% smi(&%
You remind me of an old partner from Minnesota! He always came out of left field—totally from my blind spot! smi(&% He was a pure joy to be around. Sadly, he had too many "wives" (he had 7 different homes, each with a "wife" and kids), and (maybe) that accelerated his demise. He would have been 79 in April. :rolleyes:
Every time I think of him, I start laughing rof/%

How I miss the wisdom and jocosity of that guy!
He will loose the elections, they will put another puppet anyway. Both Trump and Biden are master puppets. Do you really think they are entitled to any Country changing decision?
The "Elites" decide where is the next war. Not Joe Biden or Donald Trump.
Yeah, and Earth is ruled by aliens, or maybe we live in the matrix. Go figure! lol
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#Bingo! 100% correct! I don't understand how this simple logic befuddles so many otherwise intelligent people. What gives? :rolleyes:
I'm so shocked by the sheer quantity of (ignorant?) people celebrating this major loss for Assange as some soft of "win." Assange WILL die prematurely due to being in prison for so long.
Does anyone know what it is like to be sleep-deprived, fed poisonous food, expired milk, no medical/no healthcare/ no dental, basically TOTALLY denied medical care, dealing with shakedowns at 3 am, doing stand-up counts at any time of the day, being on lockdown for weeks?
Like WTF are these (ignorant?) people celebrating? :rolleyes: stupi#21

This is NOT a good day for Assange! The first day he publicly (using his real name) published those things was a major loss for Assange. Had he done a Satoshi Nakamoto publishing strategy, then we'd be talking about a major win! I would have LOVED to see it. Assange's enemies are OUR enemies! No doubt!

Would we think it's a good day for us and a win AFTER spending 14 years in prison? stupi#21

Assange is JUST as bad (IMHO) as those who persecuted and imprisoned him. Assange did this for brownie points. To be famous. He should have released the contents of those files to the enemy first and watched them pick off the "infiltrators" left and right! That's how you win the War! That's how you take out the enemy! When busy scurrying around looking for cover, it's impossible for these diabolical and useless people to find the time to write rules and regulations to curb OUR financial freedoms! They are TOO busy trying to survive and dodging the next proverbial bullet!

China knows this: The CIA falsely believed it was 'invincible' in China — here's how its spies were reportedly discovered and killed in one of the biggest blows to the agency

Iran also knows this: CIA admits too many informants are being killed in top secret memo to spies around the world as former staff reveal Iran and China executed networks of US spies after agency's classified communications system was breached.

Do you know who "leaked" this? It's an "unknown Assange/Snowden." A Satoshi of sorts. They can't figure it out. They don't know his/her identity, or if more people are involved, so everyone is sh1tting in their pants! This is how you take out the enemy! It's impossible to mount an offense when you are in a perpetual state of defense.

Many "others" know this. Coincidentally, those who control the Western Media and narratives label those who know this: "Our enemies." My enemy? They've NEVER done anything against me. How can I claim them as enemies? :rolleyes:
I think the same way as the GOAT: People 10000 km away whom I NEVER met are NOT my enemies!

  1. I am under NO delusion or delirious mania that just because some of "our unproductive & useless Plantation dastardly neighbors" (i.e., the house n*gro*s as opposed to us, the field n*gro*s) are our "friends" just because their physiognomy is like ours or they were born next to us. Watch this before calling me names rof/% Malcolm X explaining the difference between house n*gro*s vs field n*gro*s.
  2. The house n*gro*s, i.e., the order followers, have CHOSEN their slave master! Their slave masters are our mortal enemies!
  3. They have Sworn Allegiance to their useless, unproductive, self-appointed, physically weak, and dastardly oppressors.
  4. Nobody is our friend or "family" when they vote & advocate to STEAL, even by LETHAL force, if necessary, +50% of the fruits of our labor!
  5. To hallucinate that either of these two groups, slave masters and house n*gro*s, "care" about us is to suffer from "amour fou" with Stockholm's Syndrome and Schizophrenia. stupi#21
Assange is NO martyr! I would argue that Satoshi could be deemed a martyr—an intelligent martyr! Let's try to emulate Satoshi and "Mr. or Mrs. unknown(s)" who have weakened those hellbent on enslaving us. ;)

PS. In the 80s, we knew there was a system in Iowa that could listen to most phone calls. Free speech? I went home once and told my parents and neighbors about Free Speech. I was around 9. They, except my mom) ganged up and beat the sh1t out of me. Even the cops in the neighborhood joined in beating me up and then kept a close eye on me. I got them all, though. One by one! Slowly but surely! dev56"""

PSS. Why do so many people choose to believe in all these "Santa Claus-type" lies? :rolleyes:
The post about becoming a martyr is the opposite of your interpretation, though. Martyrdom here means staying in prison without pleading guilty, which Void says would only be good for a movie. Hence, he was celebrating Assange's release as a positive.

I stick by my original point: It was a good day for Assange, as he was released from solitary confinement. But there was no win elsewhere,
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I'm doing a drive-by and shooting this:

Anyone doing it for "sympathy" deserves NEITHER sympathy nor freedom! :cool:
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As for the US / West as i've repeatedly stated, Leave the West for the Global South, and cut off all ties.
I understand this point and this thinking, but it will NOT help AT ALL! All you can do is lower your risk of getting "kidnapped," especially by being in a country that will NOT suck on Western scrotums. dev56"""

There are thousands of cases like the following. Some are plain errors, and others are malicious prosecutions.

I'm choosing this particular case because I actually met this guy during court. We were later on the same floor when I was fighting my case.
An innocent man spent a year in jail and $300,000 on legal fees - all because US authorities extradited the wrong 'Carlos' Colombian Carlos Ortega recently lost his lawsuit against the US and a Florida prosecutor, Andrea Hoffmann, which he had hoped would see him reimbursed for his financial losses and personal distress

PS. This is NOT the only case of prosecutorial misconduct by these prosecutors. Andrea Hoffmann was caught in even more corruption cases: Miami Federal Judge Steps Aside In Misconduct Case Involving Federal Prosecutors - Andrea Hoffmann
These two cases ARE NOT RELATED AT ALL!

As I told the jury in closing statements, "There is NO systemic prosecutorial and judicial terrorism in US courts—just millions of identical isolated cases!" smi(&% rof/%

They did NOT like that! smi(&%
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There is one good reason why we need more Assanges: the resources allocated to them can’t be used against us smi(&%
True, but he also made an lot of mess for for others than governments. Not all is good that looks good.
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Hillary makes Medusa look like a choir girl. cry&¤

F*ck, that woman is plain EVIL! stupi#21
She is a useful Mossad asset. Not much different than Epstein and more than half of Biden's/Trumps (they are the same, good puppets saying and doing what they are told to, everyone can read a teleprompter) cabinet. It's just a show to keep the plebs occupied with inane election drama.

This part of the article made me laugh so hard: "Israel has denied conducting spying operations in the United States."

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war" is Mossads motto for a reasons, they'll never stop committing cowardly acts of terrorism for the purpose of framing others.
Modern Israel is built on terror and murder.
Todays genocide isn't new, it's just Nakba version 2.0, the only shocking thing is that the rest world does nothing.


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