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Assets Protection how and why is assets protection mentioned wehen going offshore?

Assets protection planning is like writing a script for a grand play. Good planning makes for a happy ending.

That said, than offshore companies are the perfect instrument for your assets protection planning and will make it very difficult if not impossible for any creditors or claimant to access your assets and equities.

It is worldwide known that it takes a huge effort for any authority to gain access to any funds, assets and equity in an Offshore Company which is located in a offshore jurisdiction that protects the beneficial owners rights, if the funds and assets are obtained legally even in the opposite it is still very difficult.

An asset protection plan is one that is intend to be seen, and seen favorably, by the whatever judge or jury that must evaluate it at a later time. Pradoxically, the story will never be about asset protection. Although there are significant exceptions, such as statutory exemption and spendthrift trusts, the law generally frowns upon asset protection.

In practice, asset protection is risk management planning that is designed to discourage a potential lawsuite before it begins or to promote a settlement most favorable to the client.

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