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At Least It's Not a Second Depression

I do agree with the views of the author who produced the main article that, "The real problem was not the response to the crisis, but the years of missteps and neglect that caused it". It is matter of happiness that US Congress is working now on to find the ways to better regulate such complex financial institutions and related issues plus a new mechanism to shut them down smoothly without taxpayer expenses.

I had not been aware that 17% of people in the US are on anti-depressant medication. That means approximately one in 7 adults is relying on some help from medication to get through the day. I have no idea how many of these people are in their second half of life. It does indicate that a good number of people are turning to their doctors for help with symptoms of overwhelm and sadness for which anti-depressants provide relief.

Anti-depressant medications have made a big difference for people who struggle with biological depression. It has given many people the opportunity to function successfully in their lives. My focus in this article is on the people who are depressed because of the life situation they find themselves in. These are the people for whom anti-depressants indeed provide help but unless they take care of the underlying concerns their life situation will not improve.

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