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Avoid US capital gain (legally?)


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Aug 7, 2018
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Hi everyone, I live in Florida (0% capital gain tax) and will maybe relocate in a 20% capital gain tax state for other reasons.

I get more and more revenue from trading, what is the best way to reduce/avoid capital gain tax, inshore solution first then why not offshore if not too complicated.

Can trading through a company avoid this? I've read that not with a LLC because it's a tax pass-through entity, but what about other company forms?

Otherwise, offshore? What are the risks?

Thank you
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Your a US Person. Sorry you need to speak to a US tax advisor.
Thank you for your feedback, I'm not a US person but yes, I currently live in US.
Lol. Then why are you worrying about US capital gains tax if you're not a US person? US person does not only mean a US citizen. It is broad.

Also even though Florida doesn't have state taxes, you are still taxable for that capital gains on a federal level.

No way around it besides for moving to Puerto Rico or renouncing your Green card/US citizenship.
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