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Best Business Module for Offshore Services in Cyprus?

In simpler terms "Business modules" are "Theories in Business". They are set of guidelines for the entrepreneurs to understand a business scenario. Depending on the situation, certain modules can be stated as tactics that are used in the Business world to overcome certain challenges a company faces.I think best business module for Cyprus would be establishing a forex Trading company which is still a lucrative business there.
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Inter-Alliance International Group (Cyprus), Ltd. provides investment advisory services to expatriates and international investors. It offers financial planning, portfolio management, and specialty offshore services. The company also provides wealth management service to high net worth individuals, expatriates, small to medium sized enterprises, small quoted companies, public limited companies, and legal and accounting professionals. Inter-Alliance was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus with additional offices in Cyprus, Bahrain, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Uganda. As of September 19, 2005, Inter-Alliance International Group (Cyprus)

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