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Best Country and Formation Agent for Hold Co (no banking ever)

I need a couple of country options (ideally with formation agents) for hold cos, no banking or payments needed ever. Ideally no annual filing either for minimal maintenance. Each co is just to hold one asset. Any recommendations?


I'll add that I'd prefer them to not be US, Canada, or UK/EU based.

Outside of that, looking for simple management, straightforward fees, and low maintenance as I expect to hold them for 10+ years.
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Based on your requirements, I would recommend Labuan as the best option for your hold co. Labuan offers several advantages, including 100% foreign ownership with single ownership, the ability to invest in Malaysia and overseas assets, and no tax or audit report requirements.

Another benefit of Labuan is the absence of inheritance tax. You can also open a multicurrency bank account in mainland Malaysia, Singapore and others if you chose to (I have also attached a list of recommended banks for Labuan holding that you can open accounts with )and engage in trading activities subject to a 3% corporate tax with audit. If you plan to conduct business with Malaysian companies, you will be subject to a 24% corporate tax with audit.

Additionally, there is no withholding tax on interests, management fees, and royalties. And as a foreign director, you will not be subjected to any personal income tax.

Overall, Labuan offers simple management, straightforward fees, and low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for holding a single asset for a long-term period of 10+ years.


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