Best EU country to get citizenship

Discussion in 'Business Discussion' started by Alex4Days, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Alex4Days

    Alex4Days New Member

    Hey there

    Which EU country would give you the best passport for offshore purposes?
  2. Admin

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    What does it mean "offshore purpose" ? You may be more specific.
  3. Alex4Days

    Alex4Days New Member

    Least hustle with local tax agency.

    Lets say I open a BV company and live in Sweden. The Swedish tax agency is going to chase you and harass you.
  4. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    Why don't you move to Malta, Cyprus or even the UK the latter let you earn money the next 7 years tax free 100% legally!
  5. RapidFlow

    RapidFlow New Member

    Can you elaborate or share a link that explains the situation in the UK in detail?
  6. GCE

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  7. burgerin

    burgerin New Member

    e-citizenship in Estonia, easy 0% tax but you are required to open a business. Let's say you need 5k Euros.
  8. Alex4Days

    Alex4Days New Member

    How would that give zero tax? :O
  9. burgerin

    burgerin New Member

    Tax only applies for the dividens, so you pay yourself as an employee.
  10. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    Why a Second citizenship in EU? Try with "Self Sufficient" in Malta.
  11. kocali

    kocali New Member

    Estonia is goon and first country try there .