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Best hosting site for e-commerce website


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Aug 29, 2009
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A friend of mine(actually his elder brother) asked me if I knew a good webhosting site for e-commerce websites. Since I'm a very techy guy I don't want to let him down ( and in the process, ruin my image) I'm very well versed in hardware, but web-hosting aspects aren't very clear to me.

Anyone have any idea regarding which service would be best for e-commerce websites? I think maybe the best in the biz like bluehost,justhost or hostgator can be great.
I love hostgator. Before choosing web hosting for my blog, I've done a lot of googling, and Hostgator has the minimum complaint rate. And they have 24/7 live chat with a lot of customer representative (about 17 if I not wrong) ready to help you (other hosting only has few, and sometimes only one! I try hostmonster livechat few times and always talk with the same person!). Now after using their service for few months I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with their service :)
There are so many so many reputed web hosting service providers available on the net.Some of them are IPOWER, FATCOW, POWER WEB etc .They have expert capability for hosting high quality E-Commerce websites.You should check those sites with your budget that you can afford to pay.Always check them through Online charting features, how the hosting site is serious to solve customers problem.
ThePlanet and Liquidweb are also very good, as far as I know this forum is hosted with liquidweb.com ... might not be the best advertising for them with all the problems there have been but now it looks to work pretty good and fast.
SiddFisher said:
I don't think any of the sites I mentioned above are suitable for e-commerce sites. They are good for low-end blogs and sites. I just checked out newegg's hosting company........its something called ultradns.
Each of the hosting sites has a package which will be suitable for anything. It all depends on what type of package do you need.