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Best way to make profits by investing in Gold?

Don't panic, comrade!

Interest rates still suppressed. Nobody's considering hikes. Nothing on the vaccine. Apart from claims of an approved formula from a very capable guy who also found mammoth bones not too long ago.

This news had a little in driving gold market down too somewhat although technicals were on a bearish gold as it was overstretched and needed some relief before going up again.
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Possibly you're on to something. But nothing in the macro changed that would make me reconsider. On the contrary, I suspect more central bank buying to return. Especially if there's a November Biden/Harris victory.

T Bill is already a blank check to the U.S. government. A fancy way of donating money. Why would a responsible central bank hold it? Foreign relations and friendship? Any socialist momentum in the U.S. resulting in more dollar debasement will only add fuel to the fire. From what I'm seeing, that steep drop resulted from scared momentum buyers folding, the guys who only bought out of fear of missing the rocket ship!
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