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BEWARE! Liberty Reserve Phishing!


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Jan 3, 2009
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You should NOT click the links on the below and enter any account information, I just made this post to warn people!

Dear Liberty Reserve member,

You have been sent a transfer of 1392 USD from Liberty Reserve account U3983977. However, in accordance to our newly modified Security Policy, valid from today, 9th June 2009, you are required to confirm your identity before you can receive transfer spends of a sum over 1000 USD. This is done to further strenghten the safety of our members and minimize the possibility of a fraudulent transaction.

Please click on the link below to be taken to the page where you will confirm your ownership of your Liberty Reserve account and receive the transfer spend. Fill out all the fields and press the "Confirm" button. Your submitted data will be sent to our Support team and processed MANUALLY. A few hours later you will be sent an email confirmation and the balance of your Liberty Reserve account will be reflected with the receipt of the 1392 USD.

The above process is a one-time verification of your ownership of your Liberty Reserve account and you will not be required to authenticate yourself once you have successfully completed the process.

Note: Bear in mind that, due to security reasons imposed by our new Policy, the spend will not be credited to your account until you confirm your identity.



For information and support please e-mail us at [email protected]

Thank you.
The link above isnt the site for Liverty Reserve, be warned now! :tinysmile_shutup_t2
Thank you for sharing, I think if people click the link above they are just DUMB and deserve to be cheated..... now it is posted on several forums and it might help people to avoid clicking on the link.

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