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Bitcoin etf 10 January

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Be careful with this, there are numbers I've seen at 1.5k / 3lk / 6k with regulated crypto as this is the institutional price to coexist with fiat, have you ever considered this is the next step to that end, sure it can go to new all time highs but equally could collapse just as it did from 60k via the 1yr run up from 6k (1,000% smart money trade).

So that would make 15k to 150k on this round, well there's a primary resistance point at 150k but also implies a retrace to 30k, but, the markets don't repeat however they rhyme so would open a retrace to 3k, now that would be the exact pain point to make institutions smile, and all things financial markets, whatever is the worst case scenario, that is the one that probably happens, but also where you make extraordinary profits.