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I am wondering to move Bosnia and Herzegovina and be a natural tax resident there. As I see there is
Am I missing something?

What jurisdiction would be ideal and cheap to run a zero or low tax company from Bosnia (mostly EU, but global)


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Resident income tax is 10% on all incoms. There is no tax on dividends. You are considered a resident if you spend 183 days in total in an year.


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The FBiH PIT Law defines a resident taxpayer as an individual who:

  • has permanent residence in the FBiH
  • spends a cumulative period of at least 183 days in the FBiH during any calendar year; or
  • earns income by carrying out a dependent activity outside the FBiH that is paid from the budget of the FBiH and/or BiH.
  • Exceptionally, residents of the FBiH include natural persons – returnees who earned a return on the territory of the Republic of Srpska and/or Brcko District as well as other natural persons who reside on the territory of the Republic of Srpska or Brčko District, and which generate income from employment with an employer whose headquarters is in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If any of these is met, you are considered a resident. The law is just written differently for RS and FBiH, but rules are the same.
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