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Sep 19, 2009
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Bulls are in total command all over the world.The global stock markets are climbing long hills and defeating bears in every moves.The DOW has touched 10000 mark today on 14th. October 2009.It is a golden day for US investors,employers,employees and Obama Administration,that the economy is back on track of growth.At least the Q3 results of JP MORGAN CHASE & CO and Intel Corporation has showed that.The bearish investors are not getting any ways to go.The bears are trapped in hilly terrains,watery holes, grass less fields.Whenever they would try to come and start covering their Short position,there would further knee jerk reaction on the markets.

Are you a Bull or bear?
sebastian said:
I'm a bear I think, from what I'm reading I'm defiantly a bear :D
Deeply sorry when I read your confession.I have been repeatedly advising members here on DOW TECHNICAL.Of course I am a stock analyst but don't think me as MASTER.But I closely watch DJIA(Dow Jones Industrial average) which is the leading indicators of all Global stock Exchanges.

Sever times here in this forum I have written columns that all of my friends should cover their shorts position as soon as possible and stay on long side.

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