Buy gold and silver from blanchardgold.com

Discussion in 'Offshore Business Discussion' started by porkbunny, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. porkbunny

    porkbunny Offshore Agent

    I read their website:

    and I view their introduction here

    So how reliable is this service and would you trust them your money aka Gold if you buy it directly through this service. If I read it all correct they buy the Gold for my money for me.
  2. SasxInc

    SasxInc Active Member Entrepreneur

    I consider buying gold as very risky. Now the price is increasing but i can remember, couple of months ago, it was lowest:(
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  3. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    Yeah but with all what is going in with Brexit it seems to be a real great idea to put some of your money into Gold. I have seen the other thread from OP and if my existing banks allow the purchase of Gold I will defiantly go for it.
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  4. Jack Dui

    Jack Dui Active Member Entrepreneur

    Going to ask my bank if they will allow me to buy gold. It seems a good idea to hold some REAL gold.
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  5. huntof

    huntof New Member

    Would you consider to buy from this company? if so do you know how exactly they work?
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  6. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    So, some of you have tried this service in the meantime? Just wondering :)
  7. MisterFree

    MisterFree Member

    I have read reviews about the website that you shared. Here is the link: Blanchard Online Reviews | Gold Dealer Reviews

    I don't think its credible enough and don't trust it as of now until someone in this forum have shared their own personal experience :)
  8. Emirates

    Emirates Member Entrepreneur

    Thanks for making me aware of it. They seem indeed to be one of these shady operations.
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  9. SirTycoon

    SirTycoon Member

    Well, anybody have tried this website personally? I'm curious since a huge amount of money could be lost if its not legit. I would love to have a good feedback from this website so that I could refer and recommend it to my friends who buys and sells a lot.
  10. Emirates

    Emirates Member Entrepreneur

    How much are you going to put in there? I will try with a small amount tomowwor when I have been in the bank.
  11. Cyrus05

    Cyrus05 Member

    Any feedback sir? Have you tried putting any amount of money whether it is small or not in that website? It looks fishy but feedbacks from users is more important than how the website looks
  12. happyjohn

    happyjohn Corporate Services Entrepreneur Business Angel

    To me it looks not legit!! taha"¤%
  13. Cyrus05

    Cyrus05 Member

    It really looks not legit indeed. But the reviews are more important for me since if anybody could share his/her review from the website, even if its look not legit, that would make me trust it more.
  14. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    So after all this time did someone actually tested this?
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  15. CoinMaster

    CoinMaster Active Member Entrepreneur

    I tried to create an account with them. They suck ash&/