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If the development is projected to complete in 5 years from the date of signature, you have 240 weeks to pay off the total amount in legal increments of 2000 EUR per week. No laws broken.

Well you just blown my work around for God damn it!!!smi(&%

Seriously there is nothing like the freedom physical cash cab give. Knowing you don't have to face negative rates, thirdparty risks or jump through loops to get at your money when you need it is a fading luxury. You can ask people in Cyprus during the banking crisis....your money in any bank is NEVER yours :(. They will lower cashpoint thresholds i.e Cyprus, switch off e-banking i.e Northern Rock bank in UK during crisis. If you don't hold some physical cash then be prepared to see "Sorry this service is temporarily unavailable please try again later"

Just like when Satabank went under Malta let account holders starve to death with no access to their money for months. Don't look for the state to help you in a crisis if you don't prepare wisely.

Anyway real estate in cash is possible. You just need to speak to small scale developer and work out an arrangement.

P.S I said it before here but during a major financial crisis physical cash will be exchanged at a premium to "bank credit" ;).


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In Turkey they allow to buy property by bitcoin according to this guy

Did you guys know that? I only believe it was UAE, Switzerland and the USA !
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