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Buying a house with $300K: Where and why?

Let's say you have a family with 2x kids and you are tired of renting and want your own place. You have an Online Business and therefore can live anywhere.
You saved $300K USD and want to buy a house in cash.
Where would you purchase a property to live in most of the year?

Below the requirements:
- Relatively Safe country
- You only have $300K to purchase or build a whole house
- Not a third world s h i t hole and not in the middle of nowhere (Paraguay or islands are a NoNo)
- Not an aggressive Tax system or at least a Tax system that doesn't tax overseas company profits
- You can actually OWN the land
- Property laws are not corrupt and no one is going to steal your house or land

I have found Ukraine and Romania to have very affordable land and house prices ($150K Lviv and $300K in Bucharest for a 4 bedroom house including the land) but I'm
a bit afraid of local laws there, Ukr is very corrupt and Romania tax system is changing fast.

Shoot your advice and options.

Family members Nationalities: Italy, NZ and GB
Well - you want territorial taxation - Thailand : Malaysia / other

You want no friction on payment (cash) that means easy access banking - Thailand (currently but that will change in the next year) - Malaysia, Eastern Europe, Africa (East).

And you want safety - Thailand Malaysia, etc

See a lot of statements reference Caribbean - need to confirm its tax free when resident owner of operating company etc also cost of living much higher
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The properties are really bad and have a really high markup which are eligible for obtaining citizenship . The cheapest way is just a donation .

And also you need to spend 183 days or more in st kitts to be a tax resident
You could check out oman
Do you need to become a tax resident of St Kitts though? It depends somewhat on one's citizenship and previous/other residences, but often just being a resident is sufficient.

And anyway, St Kitts Nevis was good enough for John Cleese:
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