Buying Established Bank Accounts / EWallet Accts (Corporate).

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts & EMI Accounts' started by JamesOffshore, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. JamesOffshore

    JamesOffshore Active Member

    Sick and tired of waiting for months especially this time of year for these banks...
    Very interested in buying Corporate accounts that can be used for moderate in/out activity.

    Must have real online dedicated account number or IBAN platform.
    Not like the Caribbean banks, etc.

    Will pay TOP dollar Bitcoin.

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  2. diablo

    diablo Banned User Mentor Group Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    Why not open EMI account with own IBAN i.e. Mister Tango, LeuPay and Revolut ?
  3. David97255

    David97255 Banned User Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    you can open with emi , most of them will give dedicated iban.
    Open an account is few days.
    There is a thread here about list of emi.
  4. JamesOffshore

    JamesOffshore Active Member

    Well, if only it was that simple.
    Most of them have extremely strict compliance or don't offer Crypto conversion which is also important.
    But I am definitely open minded.
  5. gracyunder34

    gracyunder34 New Member

    Im looking for same, im buying leupay, misertango ect business accounts, payment in bitcoin.
  6. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Hm isnt it easy to set up one? And whats the $ of this question? Just curious
  7. David97255

    David97255 Banned User Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    Honestly I don't deal with Bitcoin as a business so not updated Wich Emi is Bitcoin friendly.
    Did you check the thread about emi's?
    I m not in the paying part of the forum but I guess there guys will help you.
  8. Hennessy999

    Hennessy999 New Member

    Leupay you should forget, they became very strict, too many problems with them.. i'm searching new options as well
  9. JamesOffshore

    JamesOffshore Active Member

    Anyone who thinks this is easy with the compliance of the EMIs is crazy.

    This is very complicated to get accounts open and most of the EMIs have trouble keeping their own banking partnerships.

    That's why I prefer to buy existing accounts....
  10. Chris Chorbajian

    Chris Chorbajian New Member

    hey James just wondering what country and would Costa Rica work?
  11. JamesOffshore

    JamesOffshore Active Member

    Very open minded on countries for e-wallets/banks as long as they have a real platform and no nightmare compliance dept.
    Not familiar with Costa Rica having a lot of int'l banks but sure...
  12. Chris Chorbajian

    Chris Chorbajian New Member

    Well I have an old business partner that from there And he moved back I know I can get him to open one up for you. He banks at banco de San Josue he says its usd and whatever currency they use. I have Wirex Skrill and international brokers verified acct don’t know if they would help u?
  13. JamesOffshore

    JamesOffshore Active Member

    Any EN online banking is great. Sure.
  14. JamesOffshore

    JamesOffshore Active Member

    Anyone selling? Thanks!