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My business is very specific and I use a payment processor which deals only with this industry. They don't care if I'm incorporated in the BVI or North Korea - the rate for processing payments is the same, and quite competitive.
Thank you for the reply and the information.


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what processor are you using that don't care about where your company is located or where you are located?


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I am looking for a good agent/online company formation platform to set up my BVI Company and a Bank Account online/remotely. The objective is to start an E-commerce platform that's 100% online and we form service contracts with suppliers in different countries to use the platform in selling their goods locally. Hence we basically work as a backend technology company.

Based on your experience (PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE TRIED THEM) which is a good service provider for the setup & formation. Below are a few firms I have found online.

1. Fast offshore company registration | Just From US$439 in 30 Mins
2. British Virgin Islands (BVI) Offshore Company Formation | SFM
3. Set up a company and open a bank account in British Virgin Islands - Incorporations.IO
4. BVI Company Formation and Setup

I appreciate your feedback.
most if not all og the providers your listed there are pretty much not worth working with should you require additional and professional services & advice.

I have looked at the thread admin has in his signature and which require mentor gold to read, there you can find some of the most trusted in the industry, beside that you already have lot's of good answers here. Now I wonder, where did you setup your company after all this?
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