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Can we add our International Debit card to the paypal account ?

Research the cards which Paypal accepts because they have a list of compatible banks. i have a debit card here in the Philippines and it doesn't work for Paypal.


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naturelover said:
I like to add my HDFC International Debit card to my paypal account , but I am not able to do it, some error is showing that my card cannot be added, I just want to know whether Debit card can be added or only Credit card alone is accepted to add into ma account ?
I don't think Paypal allow any transaction with an international debit card. They accept only credit cards. I have tried it by using my Visa electron debit card issued by Bank of India, but it doesn't work.
My brother tried adding his debit card onto paypal ( he wanted to use some money for an online browser game :D ) but paypal didn't accept. I don't think it accepts debit cards.

You'll have to ask the support maybe. I'll ask my brother if he was successful.

I'll be applying for a credit card now :D cos I don't want to face such problems when I need online transactions.
bluet said:
It accept debit card but only certain debit card, so you should check their list first. Or you can just use a vcc instead, its better and faster too
I don't think so. If its accepting transaction through a particular bank account, then its obvious that it will also accept International visa debit card of that bank too. I think currently they don't have a policy to accept any debit card and they are restricting themselves with credit card only.

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